Could it happen to you?

We all know someone who has suffered a serious illness or had an accident that has stopped them from working. But what are the chances of this happening to you before you retire? Enter just a few details to find out.
, before retiring at age , you have a...
probability of being unable to work
for 3 months or more
probability of suffering
a serious illness
probability of death

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We all insure lots of our possessions. Things like the house, the car, even our mobile phones and furniture. But have you insured the most important thing that pays for all these luxuries and essentials that you and your family enjoy, week after week, year after year?

You’ve made a significant financial commitment in you and your career in anticipation of future earnings and that future income needs protecting because no matter how well you feel today, ill health or an accident can happen to anyone at any time. That’s why protecting your livelihood and future income needs to be one of your top priorities.

Household savings diminish very quickly if you have to rely on them.

With the average family spending £517.30 a week* and only having £1,205 in savings**, savings diminish very quickly without an income.

*Office for National Statistics. Family Spending, 2014 Edition
**Legal & General Deadline to the Breadline Report 2014

Your employer may have a good sick pay scheme, however it is likely that the payments would be for a limited period of time. And if you are still off work the most you can expect from the state is £87.55* a week - for up to 28 weeks, if you qualify. And that’s probably not even enough to cover food bills alone.

The highest earning 10% of households spent on average £1,119.50 a week on their total expenditure (in 2013)**

** Family Spending, Edition 2014, Office for National Statistics

You'll be surprised how you can cover your income for the price of a few everyday treats. For the cost of:

The sooner you get financial protection, the less your monthly premiums could be.

1Cost is based on a single person, aged 35, non-smoker, deferred period of 6 months, index-linked cover, terminating at 65 with reviewable premiums.

Wesleyan offer income protection plans and we also have access to a number of carefully selected providers with whom we work with. These include LV= and Friends Life.

2 Cost is based on a single person, aged 35, non-smoker, £100,000 Life and Critical Illness level term policy over 20 year term with guaranteed premiums.

Wesleyan has access to a number of carefully selected providers with whom we work with. For Life Insurance and Critical Illness these include Aegon, Legal & General, LV=, Old Mutual Wealth and Friends Life.

The amount you pay will depend on your personal circumstances and prices at the time. The figures used are the lowest cost at the time of quotation and may be different at a later date.

Source: Wesleyan, quotes correct as at 25.01.2015 (Life Insurance and Critical Illness) and 23.01.2015 (Personal Income Protection).

Wesleyan provide every one of our Personal Income Protection Plan holders with the assurance we have a proven track record of paying out on income protection claims.

Speak to your Financial Consultant now about a Personal Income Protection Plan which can be tailored to your own occupation and provide you with a replacement income if you are unable to work due to an illness or an accident.

Your Financial Consultant can also discuss critical illness cover which can pay out a lump sum on diagnosis of a pre-defined condition and Life Insurance which pays out a lump sum and/or regular payments on the death of the policyholder.